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From 1949 to today

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Irish Oxygen Company Ltd dates its origins back to Cork in 1949 when the Constant family started producing oxygen to service the Steel & Motor industry. The business has remained in the Constant family to this day.
Since then Irish Oxygen has developed a reputation second to none, producing and distributing industrial gases for industry, laboratories, agriculture, education and DIY users. In 2016 Irish Oxygen partnered with SOL Group to produce medical gases, and now supply medical gas to many of Ireland's Hospitals and Medical facilities.

SOL Group is also a family run business dating back to 1927 when Giovanni Annoni and Aldo Fumagalli started up two factories to produce oxygen and acetylene in Italy. 90 years later, SOL Group is a multinational company, and market leader in Medical Gases, active in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America with more than 4,000 employees.

"We pride ourselves on our products, our people, and the service we provide"