Energy & Environment


The use of ozone produced from pure oxygen for disinfecting drinking and primary water or wastewater, is an alternative to the use of chemicals with greater environmental impact, such as chlorine compounds or other acids such as peracetic acid: ozone in water decomposes rapidly to produce nascent oxygen which disinfects and, recombining to form molecular oxygen, leaves no other residues in the treated water. Ozone is produced in special ozonising plants that use controlled electrical discharges to produce this chemical from oxygen: SOL proposes using pure oxygen because it curbs investment and running costs and increases production efficiency and flexibility. Thanks to years of experience and know-how regarding the applications developed, SOL offers its customers leading-edge ozone production apparatus and usage technology, pilot plant for on-site studies of the best solution, engineering and technical and technological assistance for defining the most suitable process and plant for customers’ specific needs.