Food & Beverage

Treatment of process water

The quality of the water used for food processes must naturally guarantee the wholesomeness of the food product it comes into contact with, and this involves adding several sanitizing products to the water in order to control the growth of bacterial flora. It is thus important to carefully control the pH of food process water, in particular to avoid it increasing, since on the one hand this permits an effective sanitizing action, and on the other it avoids any solid precipitation of chemicals that are sensitive to even the smallest variations in pH and temperature that may cause annoying clogging and loss of production.

The technologies and know-how that Irish Oxygen has developed in water treatment, with the use of food quality carbon dioxide, mean that these problems can be avoided thanks to the controlled, automatic dosage of the carbon dioxide directly into the process water feeder and recycling plants : the dissolving of carbon dioxide produces carbonates and bicarbonates that are normally present in water, and are completely compatible with food usage.