Metal Fabrication

Non-destructive controls - SolControl

Non-destructive tests are methods increasingly in demand to certify the quality and performance of various metal components once they are manufactured. SOL supplies services and technologies for non-destructive controls and for dealing with the question of the corresponding certifications, in conformity with legal and regulatory provisions and with the requirements of the designer and end user.

Non-destructive controls are used across various industrial sectors and in the various phases of the life of components, starting from tests for the acceptance of raw materials (castings, extrusions, forged items), to the implementation of transformation processes (welding, mechanical operations, surface treatments) and the operational phase in which corrosion, erosion, wear, incipient breakage and thermal damage are evaluated.

The commonly used methods are: ultrasonic, magnetic-particle, liquid penetrant, radiographic, remote visual inspection, eddy-current, thermographic, leak testing.

SOLControl is a service provided by highly qualified technicians certified in the various PnD methods, such as visual control, penetrating liquids, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasound, parasitic current, x-ray controls, PMI, and hardness.