Metal Fabrication

Self-production of hydrogen - HySOL

SOL’s experience in hydrogen usage technologies allows it to offer customers optimal, economic solutions for the supply of gas for their production processes, including the availability of gas in compressed form or with production systems installed directly on the customer’s premises.

The reliability of SOL’s self-production plant is based on the use of high-quality, long-life components, on its extensive manufacturing and application know-how, and on 30 years’ experience in running these plants.

In accordance with the standards of safety and qualification of the gas produced, which are essential for guaranteeing the correct operation of the system, SOL offers self-production solutions designed, manufactured and certified for the sector, in particular with plant offering constant production quality control in accordance with the requirements of the sector.

Plants in the HySOL series use catalytic reforming and electrolysis technologies to meet customers’ requirements, and are supplied on skids to minimise installation operations; they have production capacities that can be adapted to differing customer needs, with production purity of up to 99.9 – 99.999% hydrogen content, and a range of capacities in excess of 50 m³ an hour per module even.