Speciality Gases

Specialty Gases

Our pure and specialty gases and mixtures are produced using the best available techniques, to guarantee their quality and reliability, without compromise.

Our offer is not limited to the supply of gases, but it also includes services, plant and equipment which enable our customers to operate in a safe and efficient way.

Application sectors

Research centers and universities

Users in the sector typically require high purity carrier gases for gas chromatography, gas mixtures for instrument calibration and gaseous compounds used as precursors in chemical synthesis.

Chemical and petrochemical industries

Calibration mixtures for all those instruments used in processes control and for monitoring of the atmospheric emissions.


Products and mixtures for laboratory analysis.

High-tech sectors

For the automotive, electronics and renewable energies industry, the use of specialty gases is fundamental for the innovation of production processes.

Pharmaceutical industries 

Pharmaceutical quality gases with a controlled and certified production chain.

Environmental monitoring

Gases and mixtures with several components for emission control. 

The gases

In the pure gases and special mixtures centers Irish Oxygen produces:

Single gases
Gases with a purity of up to 99.9999%.

Standard mixtures Mixtures of a predefined composition, available in stock and accompanied by a declaration of batch conformity.

Special mixtures
Similar to standard mixtures, but with non-predetermined composition. 

Certified mixtures
Mixtures with non-predetermined composition accompanied by a certificate of preparation.

High-precision mixtures
These are the top products in the Irish Oxygen production range, with superior analytical and filling tolerances than all other categories of mixtures.



Irish Oxygen offers customized solutions for activities connected with the use of gas:

  • Consultancy about design and construction of gas storage and distribution plant.
  • Supply of on-site pure gases generators for laboratories.
  • Liquid nitrogen, argon and helium refilling service.