European Pharamcopoeia Gas Analysis, EN17025 certified, with mobile station

An innovative process, the prerogative of very few operators in Italy: analysis of the quality of the gases delivered by the sources of supply and terminal units in hospitals, by means of a mobile analysis unit that makes sending samples for laboratory analysis a thing of the past!

Rapid, non-invasive and extremely accurate analyses, with immediate checking of the results obtained in order to inform the hospital pharmacist and send the analysis certificate in accordance with the EN10175 accredited procedure: the mobile station is an integral part of the accreditation of the Monza Pure Gases Laboratory at no. 1415, published on, for the list of tests accredited by SOL.

A highly versatile instrument that SOL provides to the health facility, guaranteeing an accredited result to which the pharmacist can refer when necessary.


European Pharamcopoeia Gas Analysis with colorimetric method

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